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The think heritage! World Heritage Activities

think heritage! provides first-rate consultancy services through its network of most renowned World Heritage experts. In tailor-made proposals for your property and projects, think heritage! will provide a unique team, focus and project scope that will satisfy your needs and expectations.

think heritage! consultancy offers services in two main areas: (1) assistance in preparation of documents, proposals and strategic planning tools as well as their implementation; and (2) training and capacity-building programmes for existing institutional structures.

The services of think heritage! include the identification of potential World Heritage properties, critical analysis of Outstanding Universal Value potential in the earliest stages of a nomination project, coordination and content work in the later stages, tentative listing, nomination dossiers, preparation of management plans and upgrading of management systems to meet protection requirements, monitoring strategies as well as training of staff for property management or ICOMOS evaluation visits.

think heritage! can assist two or more States Parties to prepare a trans-boundary or serial nomination and will be an ideal management partner in the complex process of coordination and preparation of your nomination proposal.

If your World Heritage property is already listed, we can assist you in preparing the Periodic Reports, drafting retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value, or Progress Reports to the World Heritage Committee. We also offer our services to assist you in applying for boundary modifications or name changes.