Urgent Safeguarding List

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Nominations to the Urgent Safeguarding List

Intangible cultural heritage expressions can be proposed for the Urgent Safeguarding List if the viability of the expression is at risk despite all efforts to ensure the safeguarding by the community, group or government concerned. In specific cases, immediate threats to particular elements of intangible cultural heritage which may place its continuation at risk constitute sufficient reason for an inclusion, even if the elements seemed viable at the time of nomination.

A nomination dossier needs to comprise an elaborate safeguarding plan, which is developed with the widest possible participation of heritage practitioners and guardian communities and requires their free, prior and informed consent. In addition to the safeguarding plan the nomination should also include an assessment of the risk of the expression disappearing.

think heritage! with its network of experts has experience in dealing with both the safeguarding of specific expressions of intangible cultural heritage and also in wide community participation and consultation processes. Therefore, think heritage! Is prepared to offer support throughout the entire process of preparing your nomination. These services include among others the strategic planning and design of safeguarding campaigns, collection of data and documentation required for the nomination dossier, as well as provision of writing skills for the nomination document to be submitted to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Secretariat. The team of experts will be selected according to the requirements of your intangible cultural heritage elements and will build on your existing local capacities.