Trans-boundary Nomination

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Trans-boundary Nominations Coordinated by think heritage!

Trans-boundary or serial transnational nomination proposals are strongly encouraged by the World Heritage Committee, but often turn out to be the most difficult nomination proposals to prepare.

Trans-national nominations not only require adequate expertise, terminological and formal knowledge as well as writing skills, but also demand the same level of enthusiasm and motivation to be present in all national agencies involved. Often the coordinating agency spends a considerable amount of time collecting information from other partners, or experiences delays waiting for legal requirements to be implemented in other participating states. Here we can help!

think heritage! offers to coordinate and manage your trans-boundary or serial trans-national nomination project, bring all the partners together, and follow-up with information provision and policy implementation in each State Party partnering in the joint proposal. During this process think heritage! gathers the information required to compile a complete set of information and links the contributions in consistent language and policy approaches. think heritage! in this context also provides legal assistance for regulations required and cooperation agreements to be signed. It further suggests the best structure and location for a shared management agency and strategy. As a facilitator among the partners concerned, think heritage! aims to be an impartial negotiator and allows each individual State Party involved to save time and efforts through combining their individual strengths during the preparation of the World Heritage proposal.

In the light of the complexity of trans-boundary or serial trans-national nomination proposals, we cautiously assume that between 2 and 5 years will be necessary to complete a nomination dossier, depending on the complexity and size of the site proposed.