Tentative Lists

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Tentative Listing Supported by think heritage!

As soon as you have identified a World Heritage nomination proposal with potential for Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), the key concepts for the future World Heritage Nomination can be conceptualized. This is a critical phase which decides upon the meaning and identity of the property to be proposed. It also includes first considerations of the size, boundaries and current and well as future management systems. All these aspects and more are required for Tentative List submissions prepared by States Parties to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

think heritage! can guide you through these critical steps and assist you in preparing the required documentation for a Tentative List proposal. With the help of workshops and discussions with local experts and decision makers, the broadest policy level of the nomination is defined and its values are framed. A first draft statement of Outstanding Universal Value, which derives from this process is the key element of the tentative list proposal. The documentation at the same time will provide guidance for the preparation of the nomination dossier and illustrate what needs to be achieved to submit the complete nomination proposal to UNESCO. The preparation of a tentative list entry takes between 3 and 24 months depending on the complexity of the site. The average duration is 6 months. The process per site can be considerably shorter if our team works on several sites in one territory.