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Progress Reports by think heritage!

In most cases the inscription of a site on the World Heritage List is only the beginning of a new era for the property but also for its local administration. In some cases the World Heritage Committee already requests progress reports with the inscription of the site; in other cases such requests follow earlier debates about the state of conservation of the property.

All States Parties seek the best possible treatment for their properties, but also the least international exposure for any shortcomings that may have appeared. Here the progress reports are the key tools; like nomination dossiers preparation of these requires in-depth knowledge of World Heritage terminology, current standards and Committee expectations.

think heritage! is prepared to write or guide the process of compiling your progress report as requested by the World Heritage Committee, with the aim of providing best possible information for the Committee, and to strengthen appreciation of property management. Our experts also offer advice on how to present challenges at hand, how to best advertise or, if necessary modify projects planned in the vicinity of a site, and how to improve on possible shortcomings. The experts of think heritage! also provide staff training and capacity building courses, which can immediately be reported upon.