Periodic Reporting

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Periodic Reporting with think heritage!

“Every six years, the States Parties are invited to submit to the World Heritage Committee a periodic report on the application of the World Heritage Convention, including the state of conservation of the World Heritage properties located on its territories”, the Periodic Reporting Exercise is introduced on the UNESCO webpage.

This means that every six years you will be required to nominate a focal point, arrange training for property managers to explain the technical terminology and the methodology for filling in data in the updated Periodic Reporting formats and for initiating a sophisticated monitoring exercise to gather the data required. think heritage! is ready to assist you in all these aspects, starting from training sessions for those responsible to fill the Periodic Reporting forms, assistance in the data gathering and documentation, as well as guidance for the presentation and summary of the policies and strategies implemented at national level.

think heritage! is prepared to assist you to coordinate the exercise in your country and thereby not only ensure a complete and timely submission but also a consistently high level of information provided.