Nomination Dossier

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Nomination dossiers

A complete nomination dossier is the key component of a successful World Heritage nomination proposal. Not only does it require knowledge of the site, its significance, history and management, but also in-depth understanding of World Heritage procedures and terminology, the nomination format, as well as present standards for dossier submissions.

think heritage! contributes this critical knowledge to the preparation of your nomination and provides your local team with the contextual and terminological skills required. Based on the writing skills of think heritage! experts and our previous experiences of writing successful nomination files, we are also prepared to write parts of or complete nomination files. To do so, strong cooperation with the heritage guardians is required and our experts need to spend considerable time on site.

In addition, think heritage! Is prepared to review your nomination dossier for content, consistency, and completeness before its submission to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Please contact us well in advance for this task. A nomination dossier ideally requires review at least 10 weeks before submission to leave time for necessary changes, adjustments and additions.

The preparation of a nomination dossier involves a complex process of dialogue and exchange and should be started as early as possible. For complex sites its preparation often takes several years, but even for sites that are less complex, well managed and administrated, the process should not be started later than 18 months before the envisaged submission date.