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Best Prepared for the ICOMOS Mission with think heritage!

Your nomination file has been submitted and you received a letter confirming that it is complete. Time to feel relieved? Perhaps a little, but it is also time to prepare for the next steps that follows. ICOMOS will soon announce the evaluation mission and most likely demand clarification of additional aspects.

The ICOMOS mission is a critical event during a nomination proposal and often requires a team to speak with one voice and share a common aim. think heritage! prepares your team for this important moment, assists you in developing the visiting programme for the ICOMOS experts and rehearses with your team the presentations, site visits and meetings arranged. As many of our experts are also ICOMOS members we can even arrange for a trial visit of an experienced ICOMOS World Heritage evaluation expert who can give further advice on the critical points of your proposal and recommend possible responses during the evaluation. Of course this expert would not report back to the organization but solely work at your discretion.

think heritage! also prepares your team for World heritage Centre/ICOMOS reactive monitoring missions or advisory missions concerning recent development proposals.