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Intangible Cultural Heritage Screening

The safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage differs greatly in comparison to the protection of tangible sites of the World Heritage List. ICH is considered to be traditional, yet contemporary and living, as well as inclusive, representative and community-based. Actions which are taken in the process of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage for future generations should be done in the spirit of transmission of living expressions together with the community and tradition-bearers.

think heritage! consultancy can guide you towards the discovery, safeguarding, and even revitalizing of ICH, if deemed appropriate. think heritage! offers its services in the process of identifying intangible cultural heritage expressions, preparing documents and nominations, offering capacity-building programmes on an institutional as well as local community level, and developing proposals and strategic planning tools and action plans for their implementation.

think heritage! can assist the preparation of nominations to the Representative List as well as Urgent Safeguarding List of the 2003 Convention. We have the necessary skills and expertise in coordinating the management and preparation of multi-national nominations. If your intangible heritage expression is already listed, we can assist you in preparing the Periodic Reports.