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Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventories

Following the ratification of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, or even before the step of ratification is taken, the intangible cultural heritage of each State Party should be identified, documented, and regularly updated. think heritage! is prepared to assist you in this process and provide support based on workshops, qualitative surveys and discussions with local experts and heritage practitioners. This would in turn provide an overview of intangible cultural heritage practices, expressions, and skills present in your territory.

At your request think heritage! identifies the practitioner communities, local representatives and societies that can act as contacts for further cooperation and evaluates the state of transmission and potential need for community support. We will document the expressions in written, audio–, or video formats and suggest suitable approaches towards the establishment of inventories. Our expert team can further assess which heritage expressions in your territory could qualify for inclusion as elements on the Representative List or the Urgent Safeguarding List of the 2003 UNESCO Convention as well as identify good practices in the form of programmes, projects and activities to be shared with the international heritage guardian community.