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Heritage Impact Studies

Heritage Impact studies are undertaken in order to evaluate effectively the impact of potential development on the heritage assets of a property. think heritage! offers heritage impact studies customized to your personal needs. The importance and value of cultural heritage is constantly increasing and leading to higher demand for heritage impact studies prior to project approval.

Depending on the requirements and the stage of your development project, think heritage! can offer you different services. The Heritage Evaluation Study is undertaken to assess the cultural heritage value and category of the heritage located at the property. The Desk-based Assessment identifies heritage assets which are potentially impacted and analyses the potential scale of impact on the basis of literature research, aerial and satellite photos and project specifications. The Heritage Impact Assessment is the most comprehensive study and comprises both desk research and field surveys. Besides the detailed analysis of the significance and potential impact on each identified heritage asset, the Heritage Impact Assessment provides recommendations for adaptation and mitigation measures. The Visual Impact Assessment identifies the nearby heritage sites and evaluates the effects of a planned development on these sites.

For more detailed information on the think heritage! range of HIA-related services, please follow the categories listed in the sidebar.