Think Heritage, the cultural heritage think tank!


think heritage! was first conceptualized in 2008 as a platform of online information exchange among cultural heritage professionals in academic, governmental or corporate positions.

think heritage! has since widened its scope towards e a cultural heritage think tank, a platform of international debate and collaboration in the preservation, promotion and management of cultural heritage expressions, aimed at developing new conceptual frameworks.

As a network of heritage experts, participating senior professionals group together to embark on specific tasks related to the identification, presentation and conservation of the world's heritage. In this context the think heritage! network provides consultancy services to governments, international and national organizations, foundations, universities and interested individuals.

Most recently, think heritage! aims to also more closely cooperate with academic programs in heritage studies to foster exchange between researchers of different academic institutions and the wider heritage profession. Such exchange is fostered through a research database, online discussion groups and webinars as well as online publication of university papers and theses.

Since the end of 2010, Dr. Britta Rudolff heads think heritage! as the Managing Director and has established a new think heritage! secretariat in Bahrain. Although we request our clients to henceforth contact our Bahrain office, we also maintain our previous office location.